Shipping Optimization Systems (SOS): What?

EIS has a special interest in developing systems that support the management of cargo transport means in general and maritime cargo transport in specific. It has developed several maritime decision support systems under the name “Shipping Optimization Systems (SOS)”.

Three SOS systems are developed to support decisions of three ship operations: SOS Voyager to optimize the outcome of each ship voyage, SOS Allocator to optimally allocate existing ships to cargo trade areas, and SOS Appraiser to appraise the purchasing, building, and chartering of new ships.To understand the concepts and the information systems behind SOS, download:
Optimize your Shipping Decisions.rar to c:\sos.

SOS Review and Trial

To review and try SOS, download SOS Data and Programs.rar  and SOS User Manuals.rar for guidance. Try as many times as to ensure increased profitability and ROI. As a basic requirement, SOS needs a single PC running MS Windows and Office Pro (consult us if Access is missing).